GDPR: Are you ready?

GDPR: Are you ready? The 1998 Data Protection act came into place as a way to control the way personal information was handled and give rights to those who had data stored about them. Since then, technology has advanced dramatically giving rise to a new wave of...

Do You Believe In Life After Gutenberg?

Do you believe in life after Gutenberg? If you haven't heard, WordPress have announced that their 5.0 update "Gutenberg" will come prepackaged with a builder tool in its core - similar to the likes of Divi, Beaver Builder and Elementor. Although it may come packaged...

Importance of UX in Modern Web Developement

Importance of UX in Modern Web Design 7th Feb, 2018 Web Development, Digital Marketing, User Experience Introduction to UX in modern web design UX design (user experience) has been around since the 90s but is only just beginning to affect all businesses as company web...

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