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STESSO STYLE is an independent fashion brand that creates unique and one-of-a-kind clothing items. The client wanted a website to sell their clothing. A website that represented the individualism of their brand. Providing style tips in blogs and on product pages and also inspiring people to stand out and be different. Our main goal was to provide an eCommerce store that fitted the style of the STESSO brand.

The Creative Process

To begin the creative process we started gathering research and finding inspiration that fitted the STESSO brand. Looking at modern and minimalist websites that use color and padding well. Also looking at competitors, such as other fashion brands like Olivia Rose and Errortique. Both creating uniquely styled clothing. From this, we then narrowed down our research and began thinking of ideas of how the website will look and function.

After our first meeting with STESSO, we found out more information about what direction the website should be taken in. We worked closely to determine what the outcome of the website should be by talking in more detail about who they are targeting and what kind of clothing was being sold. We also made sure to ask STESSO what they liked on competitors’ sites. Looking at websites like NevsModels, Verge Girl, and P.I.C Style, we could see what kind of direction the design should go in. Talking further we took note of the main design aspects of the website that were wanted like a full-screen menu and hover effects. Taking all this information into account, we could begin designing the first draft of the website.

When it came to designing sections like a single product page, we thought it best to create a mock-up of the page and send it over to STESSO to ensure that we were on the right lines of their vision. It’s always good to make sure that you are both on the same page and it saves time going back and forward when building the website (which tends to happen anyway!). Designing the mock-up was a ton of fun and we absolutely loved the direction STESSO was going in.

STESSO Style Product Page

The first stage in the design process was creating the landing page for people to sign up to know when the website would be live. STESSO knew exactly what they wanted for this, meaning all we had to do was bring it to life. By sending over what they wanted to have as the landing page meant that all we had to do was implement the designs to the website. Getting the landing page right on various sizes of screens was a difficult task but we got there in the end.



Of course, after designing and developing the landing page, the design changed and morphed into what it is today. Developing into a more modern-looking page with imagery that conveyed the ‘beach look’ STESSO was going for.

Stesso design

After the landing page was fully complete it was time to start designing and developing the rest of the site. STESSO and ourselves spoke about what pages were wanted and what kind of content was going to be added to them. We also knew what kind of style that the website was going to follow.

When it came to designing the website, the first thing that we have done is gather all the websites that fitted the style we were going for. We could then use these for reference and start drawing up some ideas based on our inspiration. From there, we refined our drawings more before trying them out on the website. It’s always best to try out the designs on the website to see if the designs created on paper actually look good.

Once we got the basis of what the designs would look like, it was time to work on the details. Working on things like the hover effects throughout the website. Also working on things like sizing and spacing to provide a minimal and modern design. Of course, when building any website there are always going to be issues that we were always on hand to solve. We worked closely with STESSO throughout the whole process and made sure to tie up any issues before going live.

The Final Product

The outcome of the website was a modern, responsive website that enhanced the look of the products that are sold on it. The creative process to achieve this was a great experience and working with STESSO was a delight. Creating a modern and minimalist style website for a young and innovative target audience provided a challenge to create a website that not only appeals to the target audience but also encourages you to purchase the clothing. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome of STESSO STYLE and we are happy to see they are doing fantastic since the launch.

Here’s what STESSO had to say:

“Went into choosing a web designer completely blind (I’m not very well versed in this aspect of technology) & honestly could not recommend Primitive enough. From the word go the guys there were extremely helpful, pleasant and no task was too much.

I’m sure I tested their patience on many occasion as I’m pretty specific on what I like and what I don’t – Jason who handled my website did absolutely everything I asked. The website turned out just how I imagined thanks to Primitive.

Honest, reliable, helpful team who are committed to your business 100% even working outside the clock on weekends. I also recently started working with a social advertising agency & Primitive have been great in doing anything requested by the agency. Strongly recommend this team!”

Be sure to check out their website here: STESSO STYLE.

Stesso website

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