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Pay Per Click is the best cost-effective solution to increase traffic towards your website by advertising on search engines. You have to only pay when your ad gets clicked. With PPC marketing, you do not need to pay for the ad impression on search engines. It can be one of the most cost-effective digital marketing solutions; if managed correctly with the right strategy and keyword planning. With the keywords, ad placement features you can easily measure, where your ad is clicked. PPC is one of the best methods to grow your business and it depends on how you can optimize your landing page and your ad text. Google ads are the best way to show your ads to those people who are looking for a business like yours.

Key Benefits of using PPC as your marketing strategy :

  1. Audience Selection
  2. Audience Targeting
  3. Less cost-effective method
  4. Keywords Selection
  5. You can add negative keywords 
  6. Easily to measure
  7. Conversion tracking
  8. High conversion rate
  9. Re-marketing
Pay Per click Glasgow

Get the Most From Your Money

Mismanagement of factors like click-through-rate and quality score leads to ineffective ads that can cause your business to throw away money. However, with proper management through Primitive Online, a PPC company in Glasgow, you can optimize your ad campaign and promote your products and services on search engines and drive traffic towards your business website. PPC is an extremely effective marketing model through which you can grow your business through consistent monitoring of budgets, click-through rates, quality score, and conversions, etc. can be achieved to maximize return on investment.

Steps for an effective campaign :

  1. Understand your goal
  2. Budget planning
  3. Keyword selection
  4. Audience selection
  5. Ad copy
  6. Landing page optimization with a proper call to actions
  7. Ad monitoring

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