What is Mobile Optimisation and How can it Benefit your Business?

February 9, 2022 |

Research shows that an increasing amount of people are more prone to using mobile devices than computers. The mobile market has skyrocketed to over 55% compared to desktop usage. These statistics show that mobile phones trump desktops. Especially with e-commerce sales reaching a whole new level due to the global pandemic. An increasing number of people are more prone to be on their mobile phones when surfing the web as it’s so accessible. When people want fast results; mobile responsive web designs are the way forward for your e-commerce to succeed. Mobile responsive websites were a nice addition in the past but now with the world becoming more digital and having instant access to the internet – no matter where you are – mobile optimisation is vital. If you sell online, you want your customers to have the most smooth, efficient and pleasurable shopping experience. If your web store is easy to navigate it will attract and keep customers returning. Imagine you’re trying to shop for your most desired item but the store you’re shopping from isn’t mobile friendly. You’re finding yourself more and more frustrated because it’s difficult to click the buttons that require you to search for the product. Pinching, scrolling and manipulating the screen just to access the product is annoying. Trying to click tiny buttons and find unclear links causes stress and impatience which results in shopping cart abandonment and unfinished purchases.

Benefits of Mobile Optimitation

Benefits of Mobile Optimisation

  1. If you invest in mobile responsive web designs for your business it will ensure your visitors’ scrolling experience on mobile to be as enjoyable and easy as desktop scrolling.
  2. There is no need to rearrange your content as it’s designed to be suitable for a smaller screen. Responsive designs provide bigger buttons, adjust images to the correct dimension and provide the option for customers to auto-fill their details into forms quickly (i.e address/postcode for delivery).
  3. It also gives them the ability to checkout as a guest and offer multiple pages as an alternative to continuous scrolling.
  4. Safety and security are a huge requirement for most people, that’s why responsive design offers an abundance of secure payment options that don’t require card details. Options such as PayPal, Google Pay & Apple Pay – when customer’s see you offer these integrations, they’ll feel you are a trustworthy site.
  5. An added bonus is the design. Think modern, clean, minimal, and easy to read which = digestible for visitors!

So, if you’re thinking about upgrading your website (especially if you have an ecommerce store) mobile responsive web designs are the route to go down; it will guarantee to turn your web traffic into conversions. Happy e-shopping for everyone!

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