The Beginner’s Guide To Facebook Marketing

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Post Content That Your Audience Can Engage With

The key to building your brand’s social media profile & getting your page attention is post engagement. If your posts don’t get any likes or comments, it might be for a good reason. Thankfully there are several ways to improve post engagement.

Show Some Personality

No one wants to interact with posts that look like they were written by a robot. Put a human touch into your posts and people will feel more comfortable interacting with your page. The human connection can be a powerful thing when dealing with potential customers, if someone sends a private message to your Facebook Page make sure to keep up the human touch when responding.


Asking your Facebook followers questions that are somewhat related to your product is a great way to generate engagement. A good example would be a sports team creating a post asking their fans if they enjoyed the latest match. If you’re still building your brand and have a low follower count then text posts might not be the best way to asks your followers questions, an alternative to this would be Facebook Polls. These Polls let you ask a question and provide the answers too. As you are providing the answers, users are a lot more likely to engage with your question.Guide to Facebook marketing

Share Content From Other Pages

If you’re a local business sharing content from nearby companies is not only a great way to increase exposure for both of you but also a great way to improve professional relationships. Sharing posts from bigger pages is also a great way to potentially get your page noticed by new people.

Keep Things Simple

No one wants to have to read through a wall of text on Facebook, people want something they can quickly read over, usually a paragraph is enough to get your message across.

Change Up Your Post Frequency

How often you should be posting on Facebook is totally dependent on what type of service or product you provide. For some companies posting just a few times a week is the best way to keep their followers up to date. However, some companies are better off posting several times a day. Experiment a little to find out what suits your needs best, once you’ve posted a few times you can take full advantage of the Facebook Analytics to narrow down how often you should be posting.

Taking Advantage Of Facebook Analytics

The Facebook Analytic tool is very powerful. It lets users track their page and post engagements, which countries the pages followers are from and how often they are online

The Best Time On Facebook

For years there has been much debate on the optimal time for businesses to post on Facebook, In this article say the best time time to post onto Facebook is between 12PM and 2PM EST and 6PM and 8PM (For pages in the US.) However, if you really want to ensure your posts get a high level of engagement, then taking advantage of Facebook Analytics is the way to go. The Facebook Analytics lets you see what time your follow base is mostly online, meaning you can post at peak time based on your follower’s activity.

Best time to post on Facebook

Making The Most Of Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads can be expensive, so its important to make sure your ads are exactly how you want them before paying to post them.

Keep An Eye On Conversion Rates

The Facebook Ad Manager will provide you with plenty of information on how well you’re Ad Campaigns are doing. The Ad manager will show you how many people they’ve reached, how many likes they’ve got and even how many times users have clicked on them however, the most important figure you need to pay attention to is your Ads Conversions. Each of our Facebook Ads should contain a Website Conversion.

A Conversion can be anything from a sale to a free trial subscription. The point of these conversions is to help track the success of your Ad campaigns,

Making Use Of Facebook Lookalike Audiences

Facebook Lookalike Audiences is a service which allows you to feed Facebook an email address contact list and it will find user accounts attached to these email addresses, then find accounts with similar attributes and produce a target audience for your Ads.

What Is Everyone Else Posting?

Don’t be afraid to check out what the competition post on their Ads, plenty of big companies make a point of checking out the competition and then posting their own Ads to compete with them.

Getting Assistance

Due to the amount of money an unsuccessful ad campaign can set you it’s usually a good idea to consult some experts who have experience in Social Media Marketing. This is a simplified way to help your ad campaigns stay on budget and ensure the highest rate of conversions possible.

Getting assistance

Posting images

Posting high quality photos onto Facebook is a great way to generate interest in your page, these photos can be anything from info graphs to motivational captions.

Image Quality

Nothing looks less professional than a low-quality photo and unfortunately Facebook is quite picky when it comes to image size. Any photos you upload will lose some quality; this is just the way Facebook works. The effects of this will be even more apparent if you upload photos that aren’t sized appropriately. Facebook only accepts photos that are sized 720px, 960px or 2048px, if your uploads aren’t sized appropriately then Facebook will automatically compress the photos.

Make Sure The Images Are Relevant

When you’re posting images to your Facebook page it’s important that you make sure the content is relevant to your product or service. Your images need to either show what you can offer your audience or be something that they can connect with. A perfect example of this would be a fitness-based page posting images of someone working out with a motivational caption.

Posting videos

Posting Videos Directly To Facebook

YouTube is usually considered the best place to post videos online. Many companies will upload videos to their YouTube account and share them over to Facebook however, uploading a video directly to Facebook means that the Facebook algorithm will work in your favour and give the post a boost.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live is an easy way to post videos in which you can interact with your audience. A live video can be something as simple as giving your followers a quick glance behind the scene, or it can be something a bit more interactive like a Q&A, letting your followers interact with you directly is a great way to build brand appeal.

Facebook live

What Type Of Videos Should I Post?

The type of video you should be posting onto your Facebook page is 100% dependent on what your page offers. A good place to start is by posting a video of what it is your product does or what exactly the service you offer is. Some examples would be if you were a musician, posting a video of you playing would be an obvious way to gain some traction. If you’re page is about selling T-Shirts, then posting a video of someone wearing one of your products is the simplest route to go down. The important part of your videos is to make it clear what people will get from your page.

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