Why Your Software Needs An App

Smartphones are a fixed feature anywhere you go in the UK. As a result, the app market has grown to be hugely popular and successful. They are created and used for multiple different reasons, from entertainment to shopping. Many Apps are created by businesses to work towards a specific goal they may have such as marketing or user experience.

Apps may seem exclusive to big brands but they're far from it. Any business (no matter the size) could definitely benefit from creating an app. Especially if a business centers around the software they create. There are multiple reasons for this:

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1. It Can Become Your Best Marketing Channel

All the information you could ever possibly want your users to see can be stored in the app. Therefore it can almost act as a catalog of your business's products, services, and key messages. Your App can also use notifications this way (if the user agrees to receive them). They will remind subscribed users of your content and presence in their lives. It will also encourage them to stay engaged as much as possible with your business, as you are updating them on your latest developments etc.

2. An App Is Available At Any Time Any Place

More than likely a person will always have their mobile phone on them. Therefore more than likely, they will always be able to use an app. If your app requires an internet connection then that's all they will need to access nearly all its features. This will make it so easy to use your app that it is almost guaranteed to increase user time. Users can access it on the way to work, in the gym, even in their bed.  As a result of this ease of access, they are more more likely to use your software more regularly.

Why Your Software Needs An App

Why Your Software Needs An App

3. An App Helps You Stand Out From Competitors

If your competitors do not have an app but you do, this will provide an edge for you over them. When potential customers are scouting out their options your app may persuade them to use your software over competitors.  This is especially true among small businesses, which are highly unlikely to have their own developed app. Therefore, if small businesses make up your competition, then it is highly unlikely they will have an app to match yours. This will make it easier for you to stay ahead of them and attract more of the same shared target market.

4. Your App Will Improve Customer Retention

As they have such easy access to your software through the app on their phone, they are likely to maintain their loyalty to your software. An app is arguably one of the most subtle yet effective ways of really connecting with your customers. Other methods of advertising can be too intense and off-putting for some customers. Through an app, however, you can market to them at their own pace, they can choose when by simply using the app when they feel like it. This gives a more personal, satisfactory connection that could result in a customer being retained for many years to come.

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