Why Do I Need a Web Designer?

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There are now more than 1 billion websites. They are a common fixture of any organisation or business. You may be a new start up in need of a new website to keep up with your competitors. You may be thinking of doing all the website creation yourself to save money or because you feel like you want complete control over it. You may feel that there is not much that a web designer could do that you could not yourself. However, although the possibility of making a website by yourself is there, the practicality is lacking. The benefits of hiring a web designer outweighs the benefits of creating it by yourself. Benefits such as:

They're Experienced In What You Are Looking For

It is their job after all. Most of their time in work is spent either designing or learning and developing their design skills. Therefore, if they are as credible a designer as they claim to be, your website will no doubt be in good hands. Ask to see their portfolio so you can see first hand the results of their work. Their design and visuals are not the only part of your site that an experienced web designer will take care of.

They understand the importance of optimising for features such as conversions and user experience. This too are interlinked, if the users enjoy their experience they are more likely to convert. Other factors that web designers can maximise include page speed and Search Engine Optimisation. This will make your website more practical and visible on the internet.

Why Do I Need a Web Designer

Why Do I Need a Web Designer

The Tools At Their Disposal

The software needed to create a website can be difficult to come by. This is not just because of the price.  You can get cheap or 'free' software such as Wix or Weebly, but is usually restricted in what they allow you to do. The quality, size and features of the site you create on these platforms is often restricted, unless you pay their 'freemium' fees. Even if you are able to afford the more exclusive types of software, the time taken to learn how to use it properly will take up far more time that would make it worthwhile.

By employing a web designer, you will have access to the high quality tools needed as the developer agency will no doubt pay for them. However, more importantly they will be able to use them as effectively as possible, maximizing the ROI on your website.

You Can Still Be In Control

A common worry that could prevent someone from using a professional designer for a website would be the loss of control on the site's design. They may not trust the designer to make the website exactly to way they want it. However, this worry will often go unfulfilled, as nearly all designers stay in constant contact with their clients.

Whether it's through email, phone calls or even visits to the office, a close relationship between designer and client can be formed. This will allow the client to have a constant input in the creation of the site and updates on its progress. As a result, they can still keep in total control of  how your site is developed.

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Lets You Concentrate On Other Things

This is one of the biggest advantages when it comes to hiring a professional to create your website. As previously mentioned, creating a website by yourself would be one of the most time consuming exercises you will have done while in business. Therefore, by outsourcing this process, you will be able to save an unprecedented amount of time. Time that can be spent perfecting your products or customer service. This will result in your business growing and developing at a quicker rate than if you did the website design yourself.

Their Help Never Stops

Your relationship with the developer does not end when your site has been developed. This is because their work is never complete. Problems with the site may occur and need to be fixed. The site may need to be updated to keep up with current trends. Therefore, by forming a strong connection with a professional web designer, you are ensuring that your site is not only created, but maintained.

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