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What Can PPC Do For Your Business?

Expanded Audience For Business or Brand

100% Measurable And Scalable Google Ads

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Higher ROI and Profile Authentication


Primitive Online are a digital and PPC marketing company that offer exclusive PPC services in Glasgow.
Our team ensures better performance for your online business by generating more traffic and maximum sales. Being established as a leading PPC agency in Glasgow, we have been well-versed with different types of ad groups, discovering keywords and preparing ad copies for your business & brand.
We help lift the performance of your website & achieve maximum number of clicks - convincing customers that you’re exactly who they’re looking for.
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Google Ads

  • Utilise Google Ads
  • Improve marketing effectiveness 
  • Expand your business 

Bing Ads

  • Expand business with effective Bing ads
  • Implement popular keys words
  • Use promotional strategies


Facebook Ads

  • Build brand trust 
  • Implement successful ad campaigns through Facebook ad manager

Linkedin Ads

  • Enhance B2B (business-to-business) communication
  • Promote brand awareness through LinkedIn Ads

YouTube Ads

  • Get noticed by a wider audience on Youtube
  • Create impactful ads and grab the attention of your viewers


  • Exclusive strategies remarketing products & services
  • Promote brand sustainability 
  • Deliver customer experience

Approach The Best PPC Agency in The UK

Investment Driven PPC Work Plan

Our PPC Marketing Strategy Covers

Define Business Goals

  • Dedicated to understanding your business objectives 
  • Understanding your business perceptions 
  • Reaching your business goals


Make Campaign Plan

  • Cultivate a transparent campaign plan
  • Use clear and concise communication and implementation

Decide Budget & Strategy

  • Create affordable designs suitable for your budget 
  • Set strategies accordingly

Account Setup, AD Group & Keywords

  • Set business account on multiple ad platforms
  • Connect to versatile ad groups
  • Use effective keywords in your web descriptions

Implementation & Testing of Conversion Code

  • Proper testing to make business ads stand out
  • Expand exposure & services

Tuning Ads and Refine Keywords

  • Fine-tune ad content 
  • Consider your target audience 
  • Refine keywords accordingly 
  • Be at the top of SERP (Search Engine Results Page)


Here at Primitive Online, we offer extraordinary PPC (price-per-click) services in Glasgow with the experience to boost your website appearance through effective online ad media channels. Our aim is to enhance your brand awareness through exclusive PPC ad campaigns to increase your website traffic.

Search Campaign

  • More sales via texts or calls
  • Google search partner sites

Display Campaign

  • Create visual personalised ads
  • Across Youtube & Gmail etc
  • Build brand trust & security

Shopping Campaign

  • Drive online & in-store sales 
  • Shopping ads on: Google Search & images, Google Search partner sites, Google Display Network etc

Video Campaign

  • Impactful Content 
  • Build trust
  • Improve number of clicks


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How does PPC strategy work?

Committed to delivering the best PPC services for your brand within budget.

Explain your business aspirations through Google descriptions.

Research the perfect keywords for your business & implement them in the right places.

Take the major factors regarding your business and create ads to generate traffic to your website.

Our marketing helps drive consumers with increased click-through rates.

We optimise your website landing page where visitors receive the most information about your business objectives & specifications.

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