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Video Production in Glasgow

Video Production…

High quality commercial video production is the best way to make your website stand out from the crowd and put you at an advantage over your competitors. 96% of shoppers watch online video ads and leads to them being 64% more likely to convert.

At Primitive Online we offer a variety of digital video marketing products including corporate videos, video testimonials, product videos, training videos and video advertising.

Our goal is to ensure that our video services are the best possible quality they can be and therefore strive to make each client an active part throughout the process.

what we do…

Fact finding

SImilar to our other services, it is important for us to understand the goals of your business when creative corporate videos in order to achieve effective results. We will determine your vision for the video, the audience you are targeting and where you plan to distribute the video all in accordance with your budget. This information is crucial to create a polished, effective end product that will maximise conversion and offer an excellent return on your investment.

Script Creation

Once we have this information we will brainstorm ideas before we start the creation process. We take into consideration the message you are trying to convey and will use appropriate tone and imagery to best fit your needs.

Once we have decided upon a concept, we begin with writing the script for your video. You can then either approve our proposal or send it back to us for further development.

Production Phase

Lights, camera, action! It’s now time to make your vision into a reality. Out video production team now get to work on shooting your corporate video.

post production/Editing

Now that we have your raw footage, it’s time to begin the editing process.
No video creation service would be complete without creative editing, voice-overs, music, and colour correction.

Management & Distribution

Once your video is ready, the most important part of the process can be implemented. Based upon the contract that you have with us, we will continue to work on your behalf by hosting your video, maintaining your YouTube channel or producing physical copies of your video for distribution.

Why choose us?


Glasgow Based

All of the work we do is done by our in-house Video Production team, located in sunny Glasgow.


Personal Approach

We feel that in order for you to get the best service, a personal approach must be adopted. As such, our clients are always welcome to come into our offices to see how the project is progressing. If you would like to come in to discuss how Primitive Online can help to grow your business, give us a call or drop us an email.


Professional Marketers

To help put your business in front of a larger audience, we also offer a range of digital marketing services. More information can be found here

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We have been in business for over 5 years, delivering great service to every client we work with.

Personal Focus

With every project taken on by Primitive Online, we make adopt a personal focus to make sure the client is included in each stage of the process and is happy with the work we are carrying out.


Knowledgeable team of experts that can understand and implement your wants and needs into the design

Web Design Consultation

2 + 2 =

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We get your brand recognized. We constantly think of new ways to get your brand business. It’ll be our job to make sure your brand can be seen throughout the Internet and that you make money.  Using tools such as Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Marketing, Email Marketing and Social Media we’ll get your brand there.


We’ll get your website to the front page for your desired keywords with good, healthy content and perfect on-page SEO.


Keeping your clients constantly updated with Email campaigns and reaching new customers.

Pay Per Click

We’ll manage your Pay Per Click campaigns to make sure you are getting the maximum ROI.


SMS marketing is a favoured strategy from call centers and businesses wanting a more personal touch with their marketing.


Beautiful Email Templates

We create the most beautifully designed email templates that not only look perfect on all devices, but also look great on every email client. When we design email templates we focus on your brand identity and goals to encourage user conversion. Our templates work seamlessly with MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and all other email campaign services.

Convert, Convert, Convert!

Our main goal when creating your email campaign is to get the conversions you need. We will take your goals into account to then create a targeted campaign focused on meeting those goals. We perform our campaigns in stages, taking analytics data from each stage to help improve the next stage of the campaign. Get in touch with us for a free consultation.


Instant Results

Pay-per-click is a very popular method of digital marketing due to the instant turnover on money spent, whereas SEO is a long-term solution for organic traffic. We focus our PPC campaigns to not only get you a quick return on investment, but to make sure you are spending as little as possible to get the most traffic as possible. We take charge of all of your ad campaigns and get them running as efficiently as possible.

We Track Everything

By analyzing everything from the quality score of the ads to the customer’s activity on the website, we can gauge exactly what customers want and we can work together to give it to them. Using conversion tags like Facebook pixel and Google conversion tracking we can get your PPC campaign running smoothly and efficiently.

Facebook Ads
Facebook ads are our forte and we excel in creating attractive cover ads that encourage conversion and inspire brand recognition. With the combination of Facebook ads being much more cost efficient than other alternatives and Facebook re-marketing being incredibly cost efficient, we always recommend Facebook ads.
Google Adwords
Google AdWords is the original PPC advertiser and rakes in 33% of all online advertising revenue. Ensuring we have a clear goal, properly targeting ads, correct use of negative keywords and proper analysis using conversion tracking and quality score are only some of the ways we run an efficient and successful Adwords campaign.
Bing Ads
Bing Ads have proven to be roughly 63% cheaper to get a conversion than Google Adwords which makes Bing a dark horse in the online advertising race. We have used Bing Ads for years especially for more local companies who are not ready for the big budgets that Google can sometimes require and they provide fantastic results time and time again. We recommend Bing Ads to all companies, large budget or small.
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