Difference between web design and graphic design

October 13, 2020 |

Summary: You may think that graphic design and web design are basically the same things, but they aren’t. Find out the differences here!

Many people may think that web design and graphic design are essentially the same thing and fall under the same category. While they are within the same category there are many differences between them both as they are very different parts of the design. In this blog, I will talk about the differences and similarities between website design and graphic design.


One of the biggest differences is that graphic design focuses more on artistic aspects of design, a more creative side of design. This can focus on typography, illustrations, mock-ups and more. You can easily try to implement graphic design techniques into websites but there are many things that you do not learn as a graphic designer compared to a web designer. As a graphic designer, you are taught more design principles within text and layout to make the most effective design that conveys a feeling and tells the viewer a story in the design. The design principles you learn are different but they can sometimes overlap each other in some aspects. 

As a web designer, you are taught design in a way that is the most effective for user experience and what works best for the web. Focusing on things like mobile responsive design that a graphic designer does not ever have to worry about. Web designers also learn coding and programming languages that will, in turn, help them with the design of a website. Whether they use HTML, PHP or CSS they can use these to make a website work to the best of their ability.


Ways in which web design and graphic design clash, is that they both focus on layout and find the best way to convey information. They also both work closely with font and colour schemes to make the design just right. You can use effective graphic design to create the main design of a website, but you then need the skills of a web designer to bring it to life and create the responsive views of the website.

To conclude, both website design and graphic design are both very different in their own way but both can be used to create an effective website by using graphic design skills but you need website design skills to get the website to the finish line. To get an effective website you can use the help of a web design Glasgow company to create a website for your business and bring your vision to life.

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