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All visual elements on a website affect the behaviour of potential clients and it is our aim to positively influence this behaviour into converting to sales–This is Website Conversion Optimization. We achieve this through strategic selection of colours, images, typography and page structure.

The perfectly optimized combination of these elements gives the product or service that you are offering more credibility and will instill potential customers with confidence to conduct their business with you.

What We Do…

influence user interaction
Website conversion optimization is the process of improving the way potential clients interact with your website by rearranging, enhancing and emphasizing certain visual elements to establish a good flow to the customer journey and improve the visual hierarchy of the page. When implemented properly, Website Conversion Optimization leads customers through a designated and established path to maximise the chances of converting to a sale.

Through rearranging and adding visually pleasing elements to the page, the process is more enjoyable for the user and will make you appear a competent and trustworthy solution to whatever they made be searching for.

Primitive Online use extensive monitoring and analysis in order to target which aspects of the page can be improved in design and structure. We achieve this by looking at visitor behaviour as well as the effects of any paid advertising on the conversion rate

Monitoring conversion rates of the pages precisely allows for a better understanding of the website’s operations for the client and for us and we can then collaborate to find the best solutions to improve the function of the website.

Modern design
Increase the efficiency of your site and gain more visits organically. 

Our Designs have been tested time and time again and are proven to convert

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Glasgow Based

All of the work we do is done by our in-house design and development team, located in sunny Glasgow.


Personal Approach

We feel that in order for you to get the best service, a personal approach must be adopted. As such, our clients are always welcome to come into our offices to see how the project is progressing.

If you would like to come in to discuss how Primitive Online can help to grow your business, give us a call or drop us an email.


Design Specialists

Our team of specialists have over 5 years experience in website conversion optimization – building accurately designed websites and landing pages that have been proven to convert potential customers into sales. 

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We have been in business for over 5 years, delivering great service to every client we work with.

Personal Focus

With every project taken on by Primitive Online, we make adopt a personal focus to make sure the client is included in each stage of the process and is happy with the work we are carrying out.


Knowledgeable team of experts that can understand and implement your wants and needs into the design

Web Design Consultation

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We get your brand recognized. We constantly think of new ways to get your brand business. It’ll be our job to make sure your brand can be seen throughout the Internet and that you make money.  Using tools such as Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Marketing, Email Marketing and Social Media we’ll get your brand there.


We’ll get your website to the front page for your desired keywords with good, healthy content and perfect on-page SEO.


Keeping your clients constantly updated with Email campaigns and reaching new customers.

Pay Per Click

We’ll manage your Pay Per Click campaigns to make sure you are getting the maximum ROI.


SMS marketing is a favoured strategy from call centers and businesses wanting a more personal touch with their marketing.


Beautiful Email Templates

We create the most beautifully designed email templates that not only look perfect on all devices, but also look great on every email client. When we design email templates we focus on your brand identity and goals to encourage user conversion. Our templates work seamlessly with MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and all other email campaign services.

Convert, Convert, Convert!

Our main goal when creating your email campaign is to get the conversions you need. We will take your goals into account to then create a targeted campaign focused on meeting those goals. We perform our campaigns in stages, taking analytics data from each stage to help improve the next stage of the campaign. Get in touch with us for a free consultation.


Instant Results

Pay-per-click is a very popular method of digital marketing due to the instant turnover on money spent, whereas SEO is a long-term solution for organic traffic. We focus our PPC campaigns to not only get you a quick return on investment, but to make sure you are spending as little as possible to get the most traffic as possible. We take charge of all of your ad campaigns and get them running as efficiently as possible.

We Track Everything

By analyzing everything from the quality score of the ads to the customer’s activity on the website, we can gauge exactly what customers want and we can work together to give it to them. Using conversion tags like Facebook pixel and Google conversion tracking we can get your PPC campaign running smoothly and efficiently.

Facebook Ads
Facebook ads are our forte and we excel in creating attractive cover ads that encourage conversion and inspire brand recognition. With the combination of Facebook ads being much more cost efficient than other alternatives and Facebook re-marketing being incredibly cost efficient, we always recommend Facebook ads.
Google Adwords
Google AdWords is the original PPC advertiser and rakes in 33% of all online advertising revenue. Ensuring we have a clear goal, properly targeting ads, correct use of negative keywords and proper analysis using conversion tracking and quality score are only some of the ways we run an efficient and successful Adwords campaign.
Bing Ads
Bing Ads have proven to be roughly 63% cheaper to get a conversion than Google Adwords which makes Bing a dark horse in the online advertising race. We have used Bing Ads for years especially for more local companies who are not ready for the big budgets that Google can sometimes require and they provide fantastic results time and time again. We recommend Bing Ads to all companies, large budget or small.
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