5 Challenges When It Comes To Selling Online

Getting involved in Ecommerce brings a whole host of benefits. However, it also brings a whole host of problems for any online seller to have to overcome.

From perfecting your products to finding the right type of person to sell them to, it can be a challenging and drawn-out process.

Despite this, once these obstacles have been beaten, any online seller would be in a prime position to enjoy some eCommerce success.

Finding The Perfect Product

This is the first and most important obstacle to be overcome. Your success in the online marketplace largely depends on the quality and popularity of whatever you decide to sell. Selling online gives you more flexibility with what you are able to sell as opposed to high street retail. For example, online selling platforms such as Shopify make it super simple to start your own store and provides little restriction on what you are able to sell. This will mean that you have complete control over what you want to sell. Just make sure that there are enough people who want to buy it...

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Identifying Your Perfect Customer

Once you have come up with your vision of what you want to sell, you need to decide who you want to sell it to. By identifying what type of person would benefit most from purchasing your product, you are taking the first step in finding your perfect target market. Creating a buyer persona will narrow down the specific demographics that your product is most suited to. However, people don't buy online like they use to.

Instead of just going straight to the likes of Amazon, they will spend a decent amount of time searching other websites or social media for recommendations or inspiration. Therefore, you will need to take into account how they buy, not just who they are.

Getting Traffic To Your Website

You may now have an ideal target market in mind. However, you still need to get them to your various online stores in order for anything to come out of it. There are various different techniques for achieving this, both long-term and short-term. A long-term technique would be something like SEO, improving your search engine ranking and therefore your visibility. However, if it is the quick results you are after, other digital marketing techniques such as a strong social media presence may be more up your street. By spreading your brand's message on online platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, the likeness that your target market will see your content will increase.

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Converting Traffic into Sales

Your site/store may be easily found online, but it's what the users do once they're on your site that counts. You need them not just to view all of your content but actually convert and buy your product. Conversion is the art of turning visitors into customers. You may have offered exclusive to your store or have enriched content that convinces them your product is for them. Whatever strategy you come up with, make sure it's not just instantly convincing but also stays in their mind for a while after viewing it. This may encourage them to spread the word to friends/family, boosting your business.

Retaining Customers

Finding new customers is far more costly and difficult than keeping previous ones. You can avoid this by building up a loyal customer base, who are likely to be interested in any product update you may have. Remarketing techniques such as email lists and offers exclusive to previous customers are all techniques to keep the interest of your target market.  You can also use techniques like Facebook pixel and Google's remarketing system to make finding previous customers to retarget easier. This will allow you to retarget users who have been on your site/Facebook page when they go onto other similar ones. However, don't go overboard with the remarketing or you may put off your customers.

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